Mobile Marketing For Real Estate

Mobile marketing for Real Estate is now available inside our application! AvidMobile is excited to announce on June 24th, 2014 we released our brand new Real Estate Module. The highly anticipated Real Estate Module incorporates the power of mobile marketing and is a “Must Have” tool for any agent or broker. The new module will change the face of marketing for real estate agents and brokers everywhere by helping them generate new leads as well as cultivate their existing COI (Circle of Influence).




Relator Magazine, a publication produced by the National Association of Realtors, published an article in September of 2013 explaining why agents need to incorporate mobile marketing. With home buyers conducting searches on their mobile devices it is important for agents and brokers to have mobile apps and listings in order to reach buyers. With the recent release of the Real Estate Module AvidMobile is excited to be able to work inside the real estate industry. Click their logo below to read the article.

The Real Estate Module allows for agents and brokers to easily and quickly configure their listings and automatically builds them their own personal app.  This app has the agents profile, contact pages, all of their listings with images and info, mortgage calculators, information about what is nearby their listings, and much more.

The module, which can be white labeled and branded, does much more than just create real estate listings in an app for realtors.  It also provides each realtor with their own virtual business card and COI management tool.  This is an app that goes onto the phone of each realtor and broker.  When they meet prospective clients they provide their digital business card instead of the normal paper card.  With each virtual business card that is delivered, the agent or broker is building a database of mobile phone numbers that they can later send text-messages to reminding them of new listings, drops in rates, and much more.

The ability to gather databases, get lead notifications via text, and market to potential and past home buyers and sellers via text has never before been released in the industry.

AvidMobile has put together a short video that explains in detail the functionality of the Real Estate Module and how to apply this new technology. Check it out below.



AvidMobile knows that the powerful combination of mobile marketing and real estate will change the way agents and brokers communicate, market, and sell to customers. With an increase of communication between customers and agents they will be able to better promote and sell more properties. The release of this technology to our reseller and white label partners equates to all the more reason resellers are turning to AvidMobile to provide their SMS platforms.


You can always find out more about our mobile marketing application here