The First Drop into Mobile Marketing

The First Drop into Mobile Marketing

Mobile first—this was the topic of a recent article published by Forbes. The article stressed the importance of mobile marketing and why it should be at the top of a business’s marketing plan. The amusement park industry is by no means an exception to this. By combining mobile technology with marketing strategies, the amusement park industry can use mobile marketing to leverage their databases and grow their revenue.

With minimal modifications, amusement parks can use a variety of mobile marketing tools to create mobile versions of existing marketing campaigns. The best part is that mobile marketing campaigns outperform and produce a higher ROI compared to email blast and traditional forms of media. This means an increase in the following:

  • Season pass sales
  • One time ticket sales
  • Food sales
  • Merchandise and game play

It’s easy discussing theory, but what would an actual application look like? Amusement parks can use mobile marketing to monetize through loyalty and acquisition.

We have listed a series of three campaigns that start with the point of sale and build on each other. By scaling up their database, amusement parks will drive additional sales.



Opt-In Campaign: With a keyword and short code, amusement parks can start opting in visitors instantly. Many parks will include signage and distribute flyers inviting patrons to join the park’s mobile club. A more ambitious strategy would arm employees with tablets so they could personally invite patrons to opt in. Parks that use a combination of the two approaches have experienced the best success in growing their databases

Combine Mobile Marketing and Social Media: Once a park has established a database, they can combine their SMS marketing tactics with social media to get patrons interacting with their brand. By sending a blast at the end of the day, the park will invite patrons to share their photos on their Facebook page. Each week the park will review the postings to choose a favorite and award a prize to that patron. This strategy puts the focus on mobile and helps create excitement about the amusement park.

Send a SMS Blast During the Off Season: Amusement parks starting their seasons with a mobile marketing strategy will have databases containing thousands, if not tens of thousands, of members by the end of their season. On Black Friday parks can send a SMS blast containing a URL to an exclusive mobile-only m-commerce page where their mobile database can purchase next year’s season passes at a discounted price.

Remember, mobile first, as success with mobile marketing starts at the point of sale.

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