Short-Codes: true form of carrier grade messaging

Short-Codes are the only true form of carrier grade messaging within the mobile marketing world. When you look at all the other forms of text message marketing out there, none compare to the effectiveness of a short code. However, when you look at the industry, several mobile marketing providers are making the mistake of using one short-code for their entire portfolio of business. At this point I am sure you are asking why this is a problem, right?

First, several businesses you sell to will want to use multiple keywords, as they should to run the right sophisticated marketing campaigns. However, the more keywords you use the quicker a short-code fills up and less keyword options become available. Can you trust a provider who utilizes minimal short-codes to be able to have enough options available to keep your clients happy?

Second, these same companies only maintaining one short-code will place every client they obtain on those same codes. What happens in the instance that their short-code goes down? Perhaps it is something they have no control over and it is merely an issue with the carrier. They offer no backup options or business security for you what so ever. Say you have a big campaign set to go out at 9am on Wednesday morning, but Tuesday night you lose your short-code, where does this leave you?

At AvidMobile, not only do we deploy multiple short-codes, but we also utilize numerous aggregators. Not only does this mean you have a wide open range of custom keywords to choose from, but you also have backup codes to utilize. As your business scales up, you can see how this is pivotal to ensuring your success and retaining all of the clients you land.

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