How To Build A Mobile Marketing Strategy

Many businesses looking to start a mobile marketing strategy are daunted with the beginning steps. Businesses either worry that they can’t be successful without a preexisting contact list of mobile numbers, or they think that their company won’t “fit in” with the texting generation. What many companies don’t realize is that it’s very possible to create an effective mobile marketing strategy from the ground-up. Here’s how…


Harness the Power of Mobile Marketing

AvidMobile Mobile Keyword Promotions help you give your customers an incentive to text-in so their numbers willmobile marketing strategy automatically be added to your database. For example, you can have customers text-in for contests, giveaways, discounts, or for the chance to be a part of your “exclusive” mobile club. To advertise your new keywords, use the channels that already have worked for you — be it web, print advertising, radio spots, or TV commercials.

By creating a mobile marketing strategy that gives people a reason to text in, they will take advantage. Texting-in a simple word is a low-involvement action on their end. If they see the incentive of a contest or discount, they will be all the more motivated, and their mobile number will automatically be added to your AvidMobile Account.

The initial hurdle isn’t as cumbersome as many companies think. By building a contact list through incentive-based marketing, you can be poised to reach a diverse audience with a mobile marketing campaign.


Text Messaging Has Grown Up

Texting isn’t just for young or college-aged consumers either. Though this younger demographic is essential for marketers to capture, more adults are texting than ever before. With Generation Y continuing to enter the workforce and older adults learning how to text from their own children, the age span of texters is tremendous. As a result, there has never been a better time to develop a mobile marketing strategy.


Take Advantage

We now offer a free sample mobile keyword with every new account. If you’ve been curious how a mobile keyword can work for you, go ahead and give this mobile marketing strategy a try today! Also, don’t forget, you get a free 15-day trial of our mobile web service.