Mobile Websites Enhance Campaigns

Mobile Marketing resellers and SMS white-labels are cleaning up with AvidMobile‚Äôs mobile site and web-app builder.  The mobile website builder that automatically creates a short url ( that can be inserted into any and all text-message marketing campaigns really adds value to whatever promotion is being created and deployed.  A retailer, restaurant, realtor, or any business can deploy a keyword and add in a short url to the instant text response.  When the text-message comes back to the phone of the recipient, they click the short url and are instantly taken to a full mobile website that might include a map, menu, pictures, video, or additional content informing the customer of specials and information.

This mobile site can be added to the desktop of any smartphone and automatically creates an icon of the business, thus giving them an app like experience at an affordable price.  The retailer can login to the platform and change the content of their mobile site, updating their specials, pictures, and information easily every day if they wish.  Their customers can simply click on the icon on their smartphone and check out the updated content which creates great branding, top of mind awareness, and additional transactions throughout the year.

SMS resellers and white-labels are adding this feature on to mobile marketing accounts they sell for prices ranging between $19 -$50 per month per client.  This kind of additional revenue they produce with each account can really add up over time.  50 accounts adding $25 per month equates to a monthly increase in top-line revenue for any mobile marketing business of over $1,250 per month.  Since the mobile website and app builder is built into the AvidMobile mobile marketing platform and is free to the SMS resellers and white-label businesses, they are really increasing their monthly revenues.