Targets for Reseller or White Label Partners

Targets for Reseller or White Label Partners     

One of the more frequent questions we get at AvidMobile from our white label / reseller mobile marketing partners is, “What is the lowest hanging fruit as far as targets to go after to make the most amount of money?”

The reality is that the mobile marketing space is completely wide open as it stands leading into 2013, $20 billion dollars of growth in the mobile marketing sector, mobile web searches scheduled to surpass desktop searches by Q2, and businesses literally clamoring for mobile coupons.  So what industry specifically to target if you are a white label or reseller in the space?  A good start is anyone that you already see couponing in your market or around the country.  If a business currently delivers coupons via print, mailers, in store, at events, or literally anywhere, then they are a prime candidate for Resellers and White Label partners.

When approaching these businesses it is important to highlight the specific reasons that they would be interested in utilizing mobile coupons in concert with their print, not talk about replacing the print completely.

  1. Mobile Coupons stay on the cellphone an average of 12 days after delivery.  What this means to any business is repeat exposures to that client as they look back at their text-messages on a frequent basis, thus increasing the top-of-mind awareness and likelihood of a redemption.
  2. Mobile coupons average 10x the redemption rate on a per-coupon basis than print.
  3. Mobile Coupons can be delivered at the exact moment that your client is making the buying decision.

All of the above makes a ton of sense to anyone, however when it comes to actually getting in front of someone and explaining how to build those databases, all of the advantages, and then closing a sale, this is where our reseller and white label partners excel!  Calling businesses and setting an appointment is as easy as stating a “real” dollar amount that mobile couponing could do for their business.

This is done with simple calculations of figuring 6 months of database building over the number of locations, adding in for integration with broadcast media, and then multiplying by the number of mobile coupons delivered per month, then the anticipated redemption rate, and then multiplying again by the average transaction, and finally by 12 months.  This provides an estimate of the total annualized increase in sales due to delivering mobile coupons.

When our reseller/white label partners call on a business and say they have a couple mobile strategies that project to increase annual revenues by (stated dollar amount, ie $34,500), then close for a 5 minute appointment, they get meetings.