Mobile Marketing– Helps Grocers Connect With Shoppers

Here at AvidMobile, we have a number of grocery store clients who use SMS to deliver coupons to their loyal customers.  Thanks to technology provided by mobile marketing agencies like us, supermarkets are able to provide real-time savings and useful information right where shoppers need it most — in the palm of their hands. A new study by Harris Interactive confirms that consumers trust their vendors to direct-deliver coupons and are eager to use SMS technology.

Mobile Marketing Agencies Make SMS Coupons Reality

The study found that 81 percent of U.S. adults were comfortable with grocery stores using information about past purchases to send custom-tailored coupons. By contrast, only 33 percent were comfortable giving Facebook the same sort of permission. In fact, they trust their favorite supermarkets more than they trust Amazon, Google, credit card companies, or their mobile providers!

According to Placecast CEO Alistair Goodman who commissioned the study, “Amazon is a company just a few years older than Facebook, but they have created a scenario where consumers understand and accept the benefit their data provides for the service they are receiving – much like consumer’s acceptance of grocery coupons tied to purchase data.”

The Opt-In Is Ever So Important In SMS Marketing

The survey found that 2 in 5 U.S. adults were comfortable with local merchants sending them mobile offers, as long as they gave those merchants permission to do so. There are several ways a grocery store may go about getting permission. The most popular type of opt-in is asking consumers to send a text to your designated short code to receive some type of incentive. For instance, Little Caesars recently received a staggering 62 percent double opt-in rate for their promotion, which asked consumers to text CRAZY to 269411 to enter for a chance to win a Nintendo Wii and receive a free Crazy Bread mobile coupon. Supermarkets may run similar contests or dole out universally accepted coupons that way. Another method for opt-in mobile marketing agencies often use is an online form or survey asking for permission to contact shoppers via mobile.

Mobile Marketing Agencies Make Innovation Possible For Supermarkets

This year, supermarket chain Publix announced it will test mobile ordering for its deli department in 50 trial stores. Shoppers will be able to order custom subs, wraps, cheeses and sliced meats by visiting on their mobile phones. Several locations are also experimenting with in-store devices for order placement.

“In today’s digital world, mobile accessibility is important to our customers,” explained Maria Brous, director of media and community relations in Lakeland, FL.“As a retailer passionately focused on our customers shopping experiences, we are always evaluating technology that enhances that overall experience. In addition, we recognize that our customers are on the go and prefer conveniences at their fingertips,” she added.

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