What Is Private Label SMS & Why Should I Use It?

The term private label SMS is still fairly new, but the concept has been around for years. A “private label” is something that is created, then repackaged and sold under various brand names. You can think of a private label good like your local store brand milk. Your local grocery store doesn’t own a dairy farm… but it knows someone who does! A local dairy farmer lets his milk be repackaged and sold under various store brand labels in exchange for a set fee or portion of the proceeds. In this case, what is being repackaged and sold is a Short Message Service (SMS) platform. Short Message Service is more commonly called “text messaging.” Instead of creating your own text message campaign creation software, your company can borrow ours at a low fee.   

What Type of Companies Borrow AvidMobile’s Private Label SMS Platform?

A lot of companies could benefit from our private label SMS platform. Here are just a few industries that could use our platform:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Web development
  • Business services
  • Merchant services

Do you already own a business with a book of clients?

Do you want to pick up another product line that you can sell to your existing customers to make additional revenue?

Do you want to make your current customers more loyal because they are buying additional products from you?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then your company could really benefit from our private label SMS platform!

private label smsHow Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From Private Label SMS

This industry is just starting to take off, so aspiring entrepreneurs can get in on the profits by teaming up with private label companies, rebranding the text services and marketing their offerings to other businesses. As SMS grows to become the largest advertising method used worldwide, there will be much growth opportunity and entrepreneurs who get in early will have the benefit of experience.

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