Mobile Marketing Agencies Provide Strategies That WORK!


A common question floating around these days is this: “Should I look into mobile marketing agencies or run my promotions in-house?” Naturally, we’re a little biased, since we are a mobile marketing agency / mobile platform provider. Yet, there are a few very good reasons to consider seeking outside help, rather than handling your mobile campaigns internally.

1. Mobile Marketing Agencies Have The Incentive.

We are uniquely positioned to help you more than other marketing companies because YOUR success is, in fact, OUR success too. Since our primary business is leasing mobile marketing technology to help clients set up their promotions, we want every promotion to run without a hitch and be a resounding success. That keeps our customers leasing from us for years to come! It wouldn’t do us a lick of good if you were frustrated or disappointed with the way your mobile marketing was doing. That’s why we provide over 40 hours of tutorials, webinars, videos and materials to guide you in creating the most successful mobile marketing promotions ever! (That’s way over and beyond what other mobile marketing companies provide!) We also have staff members on hand, should you want a little one-on-one time.

2. We’ve Been Around The Block To See What Does/Doesn’t Work.

There’s something to be said about the benefit of experience. We’ve been in this business for more than 10 years now and we’ve seen our fair share of successes and failures. For instance, many brands were jumping on the app band wagon, but there is such an overwhelming number of apps on the market that it can be easy to get lost in a sea of technology. We recommend text marketing campaigns as a more robust means of communicating with your subscribers. Another common mistake we see is that many brands presume their customers will be just as excited and engaged about the company as they are — and they fail to provide any incentive or value in their communications. So really what we recommend is that you dedicated sufficient time and resources (ex: hiring AvidMobile as your dedicated partner) and use mobile as an extension of your other advertisements. Use the mobile channel to enhance your existing services. For example, Lowes lets customers pick up mobile purchases from the store in less than 20 minutes. Pizza Hut lets people order via mobile. Reward customers with special deals and coupons — and don’t forget to use geo-targeting to find customers when they are closest to your brick-and-mortar stores!

3. We’ll Let You Know How To Track Your Promotions.

Setting clear goals and tracking promotions via Key Performance Indicators is essential for a healthy mobile marketing strategy. Consulting an outside source can be a great way to get a third party opinion from people who aren’t so caught up in the day-to-day running of the business. We’ve already researched all the best tracking devices, so you don’t have to! Plus, leasing our software will save you a TON of money on in-house development!

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