Mobile Marketing Platform & QR Codes = Unique Promotions

Imagine you’re commuting to work in the morning and an ad on the train catches your eye. “Take a picture of this bar code to order your coffee,” it prompts you. So you take your Smartphone, snap a photo of the bar code — and sure enough, a menu pops up for your favorite coffee shop, with the option to order your drink right then and there to be waiting for you when you arrive at the station. That’s precisely what Ethical Bean Coffee Co in Vancouver, British Columbia did. Business has effectively doubled since harnessing the mobile marketing platform implementing this new innovative promotion, says Chief Executive Lloyd Bernhardt, who adds, “We catch people who are on-the-go and don’t have a lot of time.”

What Are QR Codes?

Quick Response codes (QR codes) are the latest and greatest solution to connecting with mobile customers. These mobile marketing platform ads can be placed anywhere — in ads, direct mailers, in-store displays, on product packaging, on billboards. These codes may link to special discount coupons, to company websites, to special videos, to menus, or to order forms.

What Are The Challenges of the Mobile Marketing Platform?

  • Education: Since it’s still in its infancy, some techies argue that there will be a learning curve. Customers must first be educated how to use the codes.
  • Accessibility: While Blackberrys and Androids come with QR code reader apps already installed, iPhone users must download the apps. Even so, there are still something like 30 million mobile users who have the QR code reader installed.
  • Cost: Also, the codes may be free for business to develop, but the surrounding promotional material is not. Some of the more elaborate promotions can cost anywhere from $500 to $100,000 to develop.

How Are Companies Using QR Codes?

  • Skylight Books in Los Angeles lets people scan display codes next to staff-recommended books to order copies that might be sold-out.
  • RSVP Publications in Tampa puts codes in promotional materials to link customers to their mobile website, which features videos, links to their social media, and a promotional offer for a free landscaping tree.
  • Pacific Natural Foods in Oregon puts codes on their Soup Starters packing that links consumers to recipes, shopping lists for ingredients and a cooking demo.

How Can Businesses Begin Using The Mobile Marketing Platform & QR Codes?

Try AvidMobile’s free demo! This demo account provides business owners with inside access into the company’s mobile marketing platform, enabling them to:

  • Create keyword campaigns
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  • Set up auto-responders
  • Build mobile sites
  • Generate QR codes

AvidMobile is the ideal solution for businesses who are looking for an affordable mobile marketing platform.

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