Mobile Marketing Reseller AvidMobile Surpasses 300 Clients

AvidMobile, a reseller of mobile marketing solutions, recently surpassed 300 clients served. Their mobile marketing solutions have helped small entrepreneurs and national franchise groups to reach their marketing goals.

AvidMobile attributes the success to their dedication to customer satisfaction. Free webinars are offered to business owners and entrepreneurs to help them understand the complex world of mobile marketing, and AvidMobile follows through with a customized mobile marketing solution and ongoing educational options.

AvidMobile’s offerings have helped “professional sports teams deliver messages in real-time to fill the seats,” and helped “doctors remind patients of appointments,” CEO Rob Clifton said. AvidMobile’s 300 clients have come from several different industries.

CFO Richard Clifton said some of those first 300 had spent “$20,000 before they realized they could get a top-notch mobile marketing platform for so much less.” The money AvidMobile saves its customers comes from avoiding the hidden fees and extra costs of some programs with no monthly fee.

AvidMobile’s status as a mobile marketing reseller allows them to set up solutions that perfectly fit the company’s needs and overall marketing goals. This integration with larger marketing goals, such as SMS enhanced websites and Facebook marketing programs, means clients get great value for money. Other mobile marketing resellers shoe-horn clients into an off-the-shelf solution with hidden costs and unnecessary expenses.

One cost hidden by many mobile marketing resellers is unlimited text messages. AvidMobile has helped clients around this by finding them a plan to fit their needs, rather than having customers pay for text messages they won’t use.

Apps can also be promoted using AvidMobile’s services, helping clients increase their revenue by up selling apps to drive brand loyalty and product sales.

Companies who want to start a program with a reputable mobile marketing reseller are encouraged to contact AvidMobile at the website  AvidMobile will discuss how these companies can pay less money upfront for a top-flight mobile marketing campaign.