Mobile Marketing Platform: Are Smartphone Apps Better?


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There is an app for just about everything these days. Business owners, nonprofit organizations, and marketers want to capitalize off every opportunity to reach consumers in ways that are easier and more convenient for their target audiences. Since people are often too busy to sit in front of a computer, mobile access is crucial. Yet, there are competitors all vying for the best way to reach these consumers. Some say that future is in a web-based mobile marketing platform, while others contend that free SmartPhone apps could unseat this popular technology. However, it’s important to understand that, like anything in life, you get what you pay for!

Why Text Marketing Prevails:

Even though Facebook, Apple, Skype and a number of companies are all creating their own messaging apps, there are some drawbacks. First of all, since these services are offered within a confined network, their reach may be limited. Keep in mind that you can only contact other people who also have that app downloaded on their SmartPhones. Besides,only a third of the global market has a SmartPhone at this point.

While Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Yahoo Messenger, and BlackBerry Messenger work fine for connecting with friends one-on-one, they are less user-friendly when it comes to sending out bulk mass messages. “It is just a lot easier to use,” Juniper Research Analyst Daniel Ashdown says of the mobile platform.“SMS is integrated into the user interface on a phone, you don’t have to log on to use it – it is better integrated into everyday usage.”

Mobile Messages Offer Better Customization…

The smartest marketers from Macy’s to MillerCoors use personalized communication to create meaningful exchanges, rather than sending out a standard mass blast that has little impact on consumers or relevance to their lives. These free apps have their niche for communication between friends, but they pose no imminent threat to the mobile marketing platform, which has been developed with marketers, large subscriber lists, global reach, and easy personalization in mind.

There Is Little Security With Apps…

There is no doubt that buying a messaging app is a much cheaper option than paying per-text-message or for one of the overpriced bundles. Yet, how long can this possibly sustain itself before cellular service providers get hip to their shrinking number of text bundles and block these apps altogether? For a marketer, this may mean losing all contacts when the app becomes dysfunctional and starting from square one.

Get Better Customer Service With AvidMobile!

Once you download an app, it’s up to you to figure out how to use the features and reap all the benefits from the program. On the other hand, your technology comes with a team of support experts who make sure your system is up and running 24/7, delivering quality, customized messages to your targets. Even though you have to pay a small fee to use the service, you are getting unprecedented value for your money.


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