Short Code Marketing Resellers Are Of Many

Choose your short code marketing reseller wisely.

With more people using text messages as a primary means of communication it is no wonder that the use of short codes has grown immensely. Why a short code over a long code you ask? Short codes are easier to remember than long codes. In marketing you want to be easily remembered by customers and potential new customers. That is why it is important in starting your mobile marketing that you choose your short code marketing reseller wisely.

So why not have one short code for everyone to use that will be easily remembered, right? Wrong, short codes are unique to each operator at the technological level and would cause overlap. Don’t get me wrong there are shared short codes that multiple business use. The key is keywords. Each short code has available keywords. For example, you are a pizza shop and you want the keyword “pizza” on the short code 72727. No one else on that same short code would be able to use that exact keyword, but you. That is why short code marketing resellers usually have multiple short codes that can be used. The consumer would need to text the particular short code with the particular keyword to get what they are wanting to sign-up for from the business they are wanting the information from.

Another question you might have is why doesn’t every business just have their own dedicated short code? Having your own dedicated short code takes time to get provisioned and can cost a lot of money for the local pizza shop, so it may not be worth it for one individual small business. So it is important to pick a short code marketing reseller with multiple shared short codes and the ability to setup your own dedicated short code, if you so desire.