Must-Have Apps for Mobile Marketing


Today, running a business can be done anywhere on earth and even from your phone.

Despite the drastic improvement in mobile technology, most businesses and organizations today still depend on laptop and desktop computers for their day to day tasks. Even though a smartphone is a powerful tool, not all marketers realize that the phone we hold today are actually minicomputers. People enjoy using them with the help of different apps. Apps are the short term for applications. These applications are built for entertainment or to make life easier in some way.

Businesses and organizations can also take advantage of this by going digital in terms of marketing. Most consumers spend most of their time on their smartphones, making it more ideal for marketers to start digital marketing.

Today, business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers have a wide array of apps to help them make their work easier. Here are a couple that we use here at AvidMobile to make our work easier.

1. Buffer

Buffer is an app that helps users share content on social media channels. The main thing we use it for is to schedul posts to be published at the user’s desired time. Users can also let the app decide which is the best time to schedule a post.

2. Social media apps

The four most essential social media apps are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. These apps are the largest platforms among the rest, allowing users to connect to other users from different parts of the world.

If you want an app that can reach a large number of audiences online, these apps are a definite must-have.

3. Facebook Ads Manager

As mentioned earlier, Facebook and Instagram are one of the essential social media apps that marketers can use for their campaigns and advertisements. If you run ads for these two social media giants, Facebook Ads Manager can help you run Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns from your smartphone. Wherever you are, this app allows you to stay on top of your ad spend and campaign success.

4. SMS Application

SMS is a useful technology that can help businesses deliver notifications and alerts of important events to their clients and customers. Customers can read messages sent via SMS without the need for an internet connection.

Today, there are various kinds of SMS applications that business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers can choose from.

If you’re a marketer, it’s essential to know and have access to the right tools to help you make your job a lot easier. The right marketing app will help you create better content, save time, and connect with the right audience. We’ve been developing these SMS marketing tools for over a decade and you can get a free trial right now