Marketing Benefits of A2P SMS

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Experts predict that by the year 2025, the A2P market will be worth a massive $60.55 billion. However, lots of marketers are not investing enough in this technology. Big companies and big brands are spending a big chunk of their budgets on search engine optimization, e-mail automation, and other old-school marketing methods. This only shows that even big brands don’t know how beneficial A2P SMS marketing is for their business.

What is A2P SMS?

A2P or Application-to-Person messaging is a unique type of communication system. A2P is different from regular texts or person-to-person messaging because A2P messaging is a one-way SMS in which recipients are not expected to reply. With this, marketers can utilize this system to deliver personalized messages to clients and customers.

Most brands and business owners still do not realize that application-to-person marketing is the future. It improves engagement, facilitates communication, and increases sign-ups and sales.

The key benefits of A2P SMS Messaging on Marketing

1. Fast delivery of messages

One of the advantages of A2P SMS against its rivals is its fast delivery of messages. A survey proves that 90% of people open their messages and read it within the first 3 minutes upon arrival. This makes SMS more advantageous compared to E-mails that maty stay in people’s inbox for an extended period without being checked.

2. More effective than E-mails

Through the years, businesses have been using E-mails to send messages to their clients and customers. However, E-mail messaging’s main challenge is the high probability that an E-mail recipient might not open their e-mail messages. According to research, more than 20% of marketing E-mail were not received by the recipient.

On average, only 28% of E-mails are opened across all industries in 2018. A2P can solve this issue since application-to-person SMS has an open rate of 98%, a response rate of 40%, and 95% of SMS are checked within 3 minutes upon arrival.

3. A2P SMS streamlines appointments

Businesses and companies utilize A2P marketing to send out an appointment to customers and clients in just seconds. Application-to-Person automatically performs the entire process with very little human intervention. With A2P, clients were able to receive information about upcoming appointments faster and without any fuss.

A2P users can customize the system so their recipients will receive personalized details about forthcoming booking and appointments on their mobile devices.

4. A2P SMS is cost-effective

Business marketing is expensive, and that’s a fact. But businesses who invest in A2P are very much safe because it indeed provides their companies with a return on investments. With A2P, businesses won’t have to pay for mail costs, and certain issues such as postal delays and missing letters will be prevented. Application-to-Person SMS is proven to be one of the most effective marketing channels.

5. Automation

A2P provides an automated process. By creating an automated messaging workflow, you can save your business time and resources. With seamless API integration, the automation process handles your outbound client interactions.

A2P messaging provides businesses the ability to automate text messaging for things such as banking pins, appointment reminders, text-based sales offer, text alerts, and many more.

A2P has lots of benefits to offer aside from the few mentioned above. Maybe you will discover it yourself once you venture into an effective application of the A2P SMS.