Short Code Companies Drive Retail Promotions

One might think that short code companies would be worried about other forms of mobile advertising like apps and barcodes. Is there room among mobile marketer strategies for the “archaic” text message? Short code companies say “YES,” rather enthusiastically, because the average consumer still loves a good text message. Despite the use of the Skype app or social media apps, most mobile users still revert back to the quick text message as a non-verbal way of communicating with their friends and family. Furthermore, how can one argue with a 97 percent open rate on these kinds of ads?

Short Code Companies Bank On Expert Marketers

Developing a short code promotion involves a little time and care because marketers must first create an opt-in subscriber database of consumers who are willing to accept special offers and coupons via text message. However, for expert marketers, this is not a great leap, especially because they already have huge databases of email subscribers. They know how to create incentives that drive participation already. As a general rule, consumers have no problem giving out their digits if it means saving money and a more convenient method for hearing about deals that interest them.

What Statistics Say

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According to a recent AT&T survey, the most popular type of mobile marketing at the moment is app creation (used by 43 percent of marketers), followed by mobile barcodes (41 percent). Mobile web (35 percent) and SMS messages (34 percent) follow in popularity. Largely, marketers are abandoning the use of digital signage. Of course, there are a few drawbacks to something like app creation. For one, it’s much easier and more affordable to invest in a modest licensing for a mobile marketing platform from short code companies than it is to pay a firm for app or barcode development. For another, it’s much quicker to roll out a text message campaign.

Short Code Companies Add Value With Location-Based Marketing

Short code companies point out that there is no better method for driving immediate retail promotions in real time. Mobile marketing services can detect a consumer’s geographic location and send a customized text about a “flash sale” or real-time promotion that can entice the consumer to stop by the nearby retail location and drive traffic during an otherwise sluggish time.

Everything Has Its Rightful Place In Mobile Marketing

Apps are ideal for branding, staying in the forefront of the consumers’ minds and driving interaction.

Barcodes are good for offering additional content and engagement opportunities in key locations.

Short codes work nicely for running longer promotional campaigns with support from TV and print ads, or for distributing coupons to drive short term traffic.

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