2012 Marketer Trends: Bulk SMS Providers

Bulk SMS providers are the way of the future. Long gone are the days where a newspaper ad or a local billboard can reach far and wide enough to bring massive traffic to our stores. Our modern worlds have become more personal and insular. If marketing messages want to find us, they’re going to have to come right to our mobile phones — which never leave our sides. In fact, 4 out of 5 young adults sleep with their cell phones close by and most people say they never switch their phones off.

There will be many mobile trends in 2012, but one sure advance is that online marketing companies who wish to survive will be adding mobile marketing to their service offerings in the coming year. Online marketing still has its rightful place, of course, but more and more businesses want to start sending out text message campaigns for opt-in subscribers, developing mobile websites to read iPad and data package users, and creating shortcode contests to drive brand loyalty. Simply put, bulk SMS providers offer an opportunity marketers can’t afford to miss.

A Few of our Bulk SMS Providers’ Stats…

  • More than 6.1 Trillion texts were sent worldwide last year.
  • While 51 percent of people would like a direct call, 31 percent of adults would like a text message.
  • 55 percent of heavy text users say they prefer texting to talking.
  • Bulk SMS providers can reach 91 percent of the US population.
  • The average consumer opens 98 percent of all texts and directly responds to 26 percent.

How To Promote Bulk SMS Providers’ Services To Clients

All you really need to become one of the many bulk SMS providers out there is a platform that enables you to create, send and manage text campaigns. That’s precisely what Avid Mobile offers you — at an affordable price, with excellent back-end support. Once you have the system in place, you can let clients know how bulk SMS could really benefit their business. They can…

  • Send out coupons to ensure brand loyalty
  • Make spur-the-moment offers to encourage immediate sales on slow days
  • Decrease their number of no-show appointments by sending out text reminders
  • Deliver photos, videos and other content to brand themselves and remain relevant
  • Create mobile shopping experiences using custom apps that drive sales.

Getting Started

As bulk SMS providers, we know that text campaigns are a soft sell. All you need is the right partner to get you started. If you’re interested in getting involved in this lucrative new field, stop on by our site and try our free demo at www.avidmobile.com/free-trial to see how easy it really is!