Why Should You Use an SMS Gateway as Your Communication Platform


Usually, it is not easy to manage external and internal communication. It could be time-consuming and confusing to juggle various conversations from customers to employees, even to potential leads. One solution to these difficulties might be an SMS gateway through a communications channel that is direct, reliable, and universal.

Through a computer, an SMS gateway permits businesses to send and receive messages. Businesses are capable of capitalizing on the 98% open rate of SMS messages by transmitting these messages into mobile phone networks. Aside from these gains, there are still five reasons why you should choose an SMS gateway as your business’ communications platforms.


Delivering messages in a quick and timely manner to your clients is important. Ninety percent of SMS messages are read within the first three minutes after it is received. This guarantees that messages are attended to when it is needed to be. Creating and sending messages are made easy and quick to do by the SMS software. Hence, using this simple web SMS platform will enable your business firm to write and send an SMS to your contacts in a matter of seconds.


In today’s competitive marketing world, it is expensive to advertise and do other kinds of consumer communication. In 2018, 72% represented mobile ads of all US digital spend. Regardless of these numbers, it doesn’t necessarily require your business to spend too much. With the use of an online SMS platform, you can already send SMS messages for just a few amount of money. Communicating via SMS gateway produces a significant return on investment (ROI) as well. Text messages lay claim to an incredible click-through rate of 36%. With this, the SMS makes the ideal tool to link to your business’ website, boost engagement, or provide updates and news.


The SMS, now past 25 years old, is one of the most reliable communication channels worldwide. Mobile and e-mail ads remain struggling against ad-blocking and spam filters. In comparison, SMS continues to be a direct and consistent platform to connect with stakeholders. Besides, it is also a reliable medium to create a proper 2-way conversation. The response rates of text messages rest eight times higher than e-mail. This lets you have peace of mind that the messages you send will help your relationship with customers foster.

Universal Platform

The widespread accessibility of mobile phones is one of the reasons why SMS is so effective. Currently, there are 5.1 billion mobile users across the planet, with an all-time high penetration. Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp – popular instant messaging services are blocked in several countries. This makes an SMS gateway the perfect solution for communicating with consumers over their mobile devices. SMS services are offered as well on all mobile phones despite age or features.


Different businesses use different processes and software. With the use of API integration, the SMS software can be integrated into these programs. This grants businesses to introduce SMS into the current CRM infrastructure and tools effortlessly. Connecting SMS gateway to your internal processes allows you to send messages from your own software. It offers a variety of API options, including SMPP, HTTP, REST, and SOAP.