SMS Reseller – CANADA-Get The FAQs

Canada SMS Reseller Program

Q: What is the SMS Reseller Canada Program?

A: You can think of a Short Messaging System reseller program as your company’s own text messaging service! It’s a web application that can connect to people’s mobile phones not just throughout Canada, but globally as well. This presents a wonderful opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers who are busy and on-the-go. They can send messages about spur-the-moment sales, promotions, surveys, or new product announcements in real-time with excellent open rates. Now you might say, “But we haven’t invested any time, resources, or manpower in the development of a text message platform for our clients.” Yet, we say to you, “Why bother going it alone, when you can take advantage of a fully functional system that’s already been developed?” This SMS platform is already hosted, already created, and already ready-to-go. You need only pay a small licensing fee to use it and slap your own brand on it before offering this great service to your clients.

Q: Why Would You Offer This SMS Reseller Canada Program?

A: We realize that the market is quickly opening up and there are literally hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide who will need this service. We can’t possibly serve them all! What we can do, though, is offer our technology, infrastructure and carrier agreements to other companies who would like to expand their reach to include emerging mobile technologies. That, we feel, is a benefit to everyone. This unique service gives all partners the tools to succeed and exposes our easy-to-use platform to a wider client base than we could have ever hoped to reach on our own.

Q: How Do SMS Reseller Canada Programs Work?

A: The high-speed SMS solution is hosted through our data center, where we manage security, network access and trained personnel. If you or one of your clients have any questions or technical issues at any time, we are here for you 24/7. You can work with clients to develop text message campaigns or let them devise their own using our white label technology that is, actually, for all intents and purposes, your technology now. You can think of us as a silent partner in your business that only jumps in when necessary to make sure your operations are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Q: How Does an SMS Reseller Make Money?

A: While most of our clients are established marketing companies that want to branch out into mobile marketing, we also have some clever entrepreneurs who make their living solely by marketing our mobile technology as their own. They create their own websites and offer to create mobile subscriber lists and marketing campaigns for other businesses. You only pay us a very nominal fee for the use of our SMS platform. You are then entitled to charge whatever fees you wish to your clients for your new mobile marketing services. Most resellers offer various packages, depending on the number of subscribers the clients have in their databases. Other resellers may charge a monthly fee or design fee as well. If you need help creating a fee structure or service agreement, we’d be happy to help you construct one or offer our experience and advice.