Utilizing mobile solutions – A must!

Utilizing mobile solutions doesn’t mean abandoning tried and true methods that are proven to drive your business … in most ways, the solutions can be faster, more economical ways of delivering new ways of promoting your value to your customers in ways that you know brings them through the door … SMS Mobile Coupons is just one excellent example.

If you’ve printed coupons before, I’m sure you’ve gritted your teeth at the eventual invoice for such a service, not to mention the work doing graphic design and layout, or paying a costly contract to have that service provided for you. What AvidMobile allows you to accomplish with SMS Mobile Coupons is bypassing all the irritating steps of the process of delivering coupons … printing, preparing, mailing, and turn it into an easy process that won’t pay dividends in a month … but instead more like minutes. No more bulk mail process delivery, no more postage.

In addition, you overcome the obstacles that come with sending coupons in the mail … there’s little chance of an SMS Mobile Coupon, easily obtained over their phone, getting caught up and thrown out as clutter. In fact, you’ve put it right into their pocket for them to use, and saved money to boot. But there are more advantages to SMS Mobile Coupons than just ease of printing and sending and the economic benefits of such a delivery method. They are also much easier to use for your customers (and therefore more likely to bring you their business) and much easier for you to redeem.

Tracking a redemption rate on a traditional coupon can be a total nightmare, as you know. Each individual coupon, either printed with a bar code or a serial number, scanned in at a POS, then compared to a mailing database … not to mention the hassle of giant piles of paper brought back into your store. On an SMS Mobile Coupon, the ownership is already established with the mobile number you’ve delivered it to for you, helping you understand what your leads are looking for, and how to most effectively deliver it to them.

So in short, if what you want out of your business is less clutter, less busywork, less expense, and more effective coupon campaigns … AvidMobile and SMS Mobile Coupons have you well covered.