Where do I find the best Mobile Website Builder?

Customers click, search, scroll, investigate, and probe when they go online and search for a business. Many times, the websites that we put on display to be accessed from a desktop or laptop are visually engaging, loaded with bells and whistles, stacked full of content, and show what we are capable of.  By putting all of this information on our site we give our company an identity, character, and a dimension of allure. But as time and technology progress, we have seen the monumental growth of the need for a professional mobile site for customers to find from their mobile devices. Thirty pound towers have been replaced by 8 oz smartphones, and as the medium by which we convey this information changes, so does the objective of the website. More and more Marketing and Advertising professionals are asking,”Where do I find the best Mobile Website Builder?”

There are literally hundreds of options when a company is looking to develop a mobile site. There are companies that convert desktop websites to mobile, companies that make desktop sites responsive to mobile searches, and companies that build mobile sites from the ground up. While the first 2 are great options for “just being there”,  but utilizing a Mobile Website Builder lets you create a different feel, a different flavor, a different experience. Customers don’t want to see the same thing that they saw on the desktop site. With Avidmobile’s Mobile website builder offerings, you can make the mobile experience stand out by collecting information to build our databases, creating engagements, linking redeemable coupons, sharing videos and pertinent information, all while driving the customer to call. We don’t just want them to look, we want them to buy OUR products and OUR services. We want them to order from US. We want the registers to move, right?

Too many times, businesses are losing customers to competitors because of the lack of a mobile web presence. Too many times the idea of a Mobile Website Builder seems overwhelming. But these sites can be built through our Mobile Website Builder in literally a matter of minutes. And these aren’t just landing pages! With the Avidmobile Advanced Mobile Website Builder you can incorporate e-commerce( payment options, menus, online ordering, etc), google maps integrations, click to call functions, media pages for video, audio, and pictures, social media integrations,  and will create an experience for the user that makes them feel connected to your business.

When deciding which Mobile Website Builder to use, keep in mind a few things. It should be easy to use, have a lot of high-end functionality for clients that want to exceed the status quo, and you need to have the support to make it practical and profitable. Well, here we are. With hundreds of resellers providing an identity to their clients using our Mobile Website Builder, we have the experience and know-how to make you as profitable as possible while utilizing a cutting-edge platform that will keep your clients happy, and keep bringing their customers back time and time again through text engagements and sexy, sophisticated point of sale campaigns. Call Avidmobile today at 877-511-MOBI to see how you can get started generating a substantial residual revenue stream through our Mobile Website Builder.