Why SMS Marketing Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy


SMS Marketing is still an underutilized mobile marketing strategy for most businesses and organizations. Despite being a more convenient and personal form of communication, businesses are still not keen on including SMS as a part of their marketing mix. 

One of the main reason behind this is the common misconception about SMS marketing that most of us have already encountered. There are several myths about SMS marketing services that businesses should know. Most of them believe that SMS marketing is annoying when customers receive spam texts. Some think that SMS marketing is obsolete, while others perceive it as an expensive marketing technique that is not suitable for small businesses. 

All those myths mentioned above are not true. In fact, some industries are already reaping the benefits of SMS Marketing. They are the Customer Service and Call Center, Marketing and Media, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail.

Customer Service and Call Center

Call Center agents

According to 52% of consumers, texting helps improvise their overall satisfaction with customer support. SMS Marketing helps customers updated, from travel to banking, by sending them notifications on important information via SMS. SMS can be integrated with email, voice, and chat solutions for a better customer experience. 

Marketing and Media

Marketing Marketing services

Most businesses and brands that include SMS as part of their marketing mix use it to promote, engage, and drive results through mobile marketing campaigns. SMS marketing is used for promotional tactics such as flash sales, coupon codes, VIP events, promos, and loyalty programs. All these contribute to generating higher ROI. 


Healthcare illustration

SMS marketing is also widely used in the healthcare industry for customer support solutions and branding. Based on statistical data, 76% of people all around the world prefer to be reminded of their medical appointments. It greatly benefits health care providers by saving time on reschedules, appointment reminders, and follow-ups. It also reduces no-shows and cut costs. 


Group of hoteliers

SMS marketing is also being used in the hospitality industry. It is being utilized to increase loyalty, provide customer service, and engage customers. One of the most used SMS marketing services in this industry is the booking confirmation messages. Aside from that, restaurants and hotels also use SMS to carry out check-ins and out, cancellations, and reservation reminders. 


Retail illustration

The Retail data shows the 32% of SMS retail marketing receives a response within the first 15 minutes upon delivery. Retailers know exactly the best uses of SMS marketing, from sending special offers to customer support messages. 

With all the data mentioned above, it’s clear why SMS marketing should be part of your marketing mix whether you have a large or small business. All you need to do is to know how to utilize SMS marketing properly.