Mobile Marketing in Canada Expected To Reach $82 Million

Revenues from mobile marketing Canada services are expected to reach an astounding $82 million in 2011. To put things in perspective, that’s a 93 PERCENT growth since 2010! Mobile marketing in Canada has grown like a monster this year, but the companies using the mobile marketing platform are being especially sensitive about what messages they send and to whom. Everyone is aware that there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” They don’t want to irk subscribers who may opt out of the promotions. With programs like AvidMobile’s mobile marketing Canada white label reseller, companies can use smart infrastructure to create different subscriber lists and customize message recipients.

Mobile Marketing Canada In 2010

Last year, advertisers earned $52 million from text marketing campaigns, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada. Researchers added that revenues from mobile search ($17.1 million) and sponsorship ($15.6 million) grew at a rate of 105 percent year-over-year. Marketing in Canada overall grew a modest 7.4 percent. Mobile marketing Canada spending grew much faster than online ad spending, which only jumped 23 percent in 2010.


Why Is Mobile Marketing Canada So Hot?

According to Director of Research Steve Rosenblum from IAB Canada, mobile has grown because advertisers are afraid to “miss the train” as many had with the internet in the early years. They are very cognizant of what their southerly neighbors are doing and what those across the pond in Europe are doing as well.  Canada very much wants to ride this wave alongside other marketers, not to be left in the dust.

What Mobile Marketing Canada Services Are Bringing In The Most Revenue?

Consumer goods accounted for 22 percent of all revenue earned from mobile phone ads.

Marketers also promoted:

  • Retail (12%)
  • Telecom (12%)
  • Automotive Products (11%)
  • Financial (9%)
  • Entertainment (8%)
  • Media (7%)
  • Leisure Travel (6%)
  • Technology (5%)
  • Healthcare (3%)
  • Other (5%)

Is There A High Profit In Mobile Marketing Canada Endeavors?

Surprisingly, an IAB Canada spokeswoman said that 10 earners accounted for 82 percent of all mobile ad revenues last year, although she couldn’t specify who these companies were due to “confidentiality agreements.”

Where To Get Started…

To make a mobile marketing Canada campaign, one must first access the existing infrastructure. AvidMobile is a leader in the mobile marketing platform. According to CEO Rob Clifton, “Since mobile subscribers that engage in SMS campaigns skew really high to owning a smartphone, the AvidMobile mobile website and app builder is a ‘must have’ feature for any SMS reseller in the market.” He adds, “Although SMS has minor differences in Canada than in the states, the appetite for mobile marketing and SMS programs is ferocious!”

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