Mobile Marketing White Label Program: What It Can Offer You

Mobile coupons has finally burgeoned as an industry.

Sure, there were many skeptics who said consumers would never warm up to the idea of receiving promotional text messages. Yet, SMS / short code opt-ins have proven to be extremely popular, outpacing internet calls-to-action considerably. There is a huge demand for mobile coupons that can be redeemed in-store. Why bother with printers and physical coupon clipping when you can just flash a message on your mobile phone to the retailer, get the discount, and delete the message from your phone? Easy as can be! A mobile marketing white label program lets you take a system that has already been developed, slap your marketing company logo on it, and offer text campaign development services to your clients. In essence, it is the way of the future that has already come of age.

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There are a few problems with the old-fashioned model of sending people to websites. First, the marketer cannot get more bodies into the store that way. Secondly, it can be difficult to measure how many people purchased online as the result of a particular campaign — or just from browsing the site. It’s much easier to set the parameters and test campaigns using the much more fast-paced mobile marketing channel. As a marketer, you naturally want to offer your clients the latest technology to drive real-time in-store promotions and monitor consumer habits.

Your clients can benefit from:

  • Lower Cost, Greater ROI
  • More Options For Targeting and Customizing
  • High Redemption Rates (20-40 percent on average, but up to 100 percent)
  • Reduction of Printing Expenses and Paper Waste
  • Less Risk of Fraud

Benefits For YOU:

As a marketer, you can use digital coupons to create instant marketing campaigns, helping your clients drive traffic to the store during slow days or times. Coupons can be sent, read and redeemed in a matter of minutes, especially given the potential for geo-location and reaching out to people who are already out and about near the store.  There is also the benefit of real-time reporting and instant analytics, which allows you the ability to change your approach mid-stream to be more effective.

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