Why Should You Use SMS for Customer Service?


The first text message was sent in 1992. Can you remember back that far? We were just getting used to email and fax machines were still in every office. I’m personally ecstatic that our communication technologies have moved past the fax machine. As people adopt new communication channels, so must businesses. Your customers are using SMS to communicate with not only their friends and families, but their coworkers, bosses, and the companies that they buy from. You could be using SMS for Customer Service… which is so much better than a fax!

One of the main reasons why you should use SMS for Customer Service is its reliability as a messaging system. Aside from that, the text is cost-effective and quick to deliver. It’s also simple to set up, efficient and has an almost immediate impact on sales and sales opportunities and responses. Compared to e-mails and other communication channels, SMS has the most advantages.

Benefits of using SMS for Customer Service

1. Immediate results

Since text messages deliver quickly and only take seconds to reach your audience, businesses will instantly see those who have received them. Along with it are other analytical data such as people who opened it, read it, and responded to it.

2. Cost-effective

SMS or text messages are cheap, mainly when you buy them in bulk. This is a more affordable and cost-effective option compared to other marketing methods, especially traditional ones such as print media, radio, and TV commercials.

3. Global marketing

SMS are designed to reach anyone who has a modern mobile device and cell phone signal. This means businesses that utilize mass texting platforms can instantly reach millions of people anytime and anywhere.
There are an estimated seven billion mobile phones in daily use today. It’s a clear indication that SMS is one of the technologies universally synced between all of the global mobile phone operators. It also means that you can reach the world using text messaging.

4. Trackable and analytics

Businesses can easily track SMS since most providers offer delivery reports. This feature is an excellent source for analyzing what successes your business had with your SMS deliveries. It can also provide a full and accurate success rate of your campaign. With this, you can learn lessons and apply them to your next campaign.

5. Reliable

Mobile phones don’t usually come with a spam filter or spam box, unlike e-mails. Mobile phone SMS messages are safer compared to e-mails that can deliver all sorts of shady attachments. In general, you know SMS delivery is a more reliable form of reaching out to your customers.

The momentum of SMS messaging continues to grow, and you mustn’t miss out on what could be a very profitable way to communicate with your client. Numerous mass texting platforms are readily available for you. All you have to do is find the right one for your business and business needs.