Why Use Message Marketing in your Business?


SMS marketing helps businesses and organizations to be more convenient and personable choices over their competitors. When it comes to business, message marketing creates a more convenient way for you to connect with customers and for your customers to connect to your business. 

Message marketing provides effective business communication that helps with client and customer engagement. It can also help you gain valuable information about what your customers feel about your company, its strengths, and what needs to be improved. 

As a business owner, you have lots of potential channels to choose from when it comes to reaching your customers. You could try Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Other options include sending a postcard, or you could shoot for a call but will probably leave voicemails. 

There are also various email marketing tools you can try; however, a growing number of consumers prefer a text more than anything else, especially when it’s about business. The following reasons will explain why. 

Message Marketing is more direct

Most customers prefer text messages because it is more direct compared to other types of communication. Most email users have built-in filters that block out messages sent in their emails. Senders that are not trusted by recipients will most probably be unopened. 

In addition, connecting to your customers through social media can get problematic, too, especially when it gets lost in the ocean of updates. With a 90% open rate, text messaging has a great advantage among other messaging platforms and is deemed less personal than calling. 

It is less invasive

Most smartphone users have unlimited texting, so they don’t have to worry about the cost per message on their end. Plus, text messaging became the de facto communicated method preferred by Millenials, Gen Y,  and even Gen X’ers. Compared to calls, texting is less invasive and more likely to 

It gives freedom to customers

According to most customers, texting keeps them free. It’s evident by the number of people who prefer text messaging to contact and interact with customer service professionals. The reason behind this is the fact that calling customer support most often has a long waiting time, and most customers only have a short time to spare. But with text messaging, consumers can go and do what they need and want and still carry on a conversation at the same time. 

It can be done anywhere

SMS is short in nature. Unlike phone calls and emails, it is not all that involved. The simplicity of text messaging translated to flexibility. Message recipients can easily read and reply to a text message while walking down the sidewalk or riding the bus. On the other hand, emails need more commitment of time, effort, internet connection, and energy. Moreso, phone calls from unregistered numbers more often get ignored, while push notifications usually go unnoticed. 

It is part of everyday life

Almost all of us love and enjoy technology, but it’s the Millennials who are the most obvious about it. This generation was raised in a time where interconnectivity is the norm, and electronic communication is widespread and effective. Millennials prefer text messaging because of its flexibility, speed, and it is part of the technology they constantly use. 

Text message marketing is the fastest and most efficient way to reach your target audience. As mentioned above, it is flexible, direct, efficient, and your customers will thank you for it with increased engagement.