Why You Should Become A Franchise Mobile Marketer

The franchise mobile marketer puts him or herself in an excellent position to reap big rewards in 2012. Looking back, Pizza Hut was arguably one of the first franchises to harness the power of mobile marketing to reach their consumers. They launched a mobile website back in 2007 and launched apps for iPads and Androids in 2009.

“Our goal is to be where our customers are,” Pizza Hut CIO Baron Concors explained at a 2011 conference. “We don’t mind being the first mover on something, or making an investment early.”

Early Adoption Pays Off For The Franchise Mobile Marketer

Mobile marketing apps allowed customers a more streamlined ordering process, which let people dial in pizzas with greater ease than the mobile website. Mr. Concors was well aware that the competition would be looking at ways to harness this new technology, so they wanted to use early mobile marketing efforts as a point of differentiation. Pizza Hut really went out on a limb because, back then, they had to build the complex infrastructure needed to implement their campaigns. They had to do all the testing to see what worked and what didn’t too. (Nowadays, a franchise mobile marketer can simply pay AvidMobile a small one-time fee to use our technology that has already been developed and thoroughly vetted by developers.)

In the end, Pizza Hut’s efforts really paid off, as they now service 50 percent of all orders via mobile devices. It should also be noted that a 2010 mobile marketing promotion solicited more than 12,000 entrants in the first two weeks. They received 3,000 immediate texts during their commercial’s airing, and the rest came from word-of-mouth.

A Franchise Mobile Marketer Sees Opportunity In Sports

Similarly, the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA franchise ran a “slam dunk” mobile marketing promotion. They ran a mobile alerts program that delivered downloadable content to fans and since then, they’ve made over $200,000 in revenues each year! It’s no surprise that other sports teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, the Oakland Raiders and the San Jose Sharks have jumped on board with their own franchise mobile marketer efforts as well.

How A Franchise Mobile Marketer Can Advertise…

  • Communicate with all franchisees about an event or deadline with one simple text.
  • Post event schedules or let prospects contact you quickly and easily via mobile device.
  • Service providers can notify customers that they’re on their way over.
  • Restaurant owners can post menus and daily specials.
  • Any business can send out coupons or notify customers of sales.
  • Send out timed coupons when mobile users are in the area to drive business on a slow day.

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